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Michael & Charlotte- The Rumance

Hello Deer Islanders....

We realise that we haven’t told you a great deal about us and our story (aside from the wee bit on our website) so well we thought it was a time to let you know a bit more about us!

We are regularly asked what made us start Deer Island and the story you will see is that one day Michael said ‘ I would love to make rum one day’ and Charlotte said ‘Ok let’s do it’. Though that is 100% the truth and it was that simple (well the decision was that simple) there is probably more to our story than that. 


I am a true Jura boy, born and raised here on our beautiful island. Though I’ve spent some time on the mainland when doing my apprenticeship (as a joiner), I have always lived here. I have been working for Jura Whisky for a number of years and this got me thinking about producing other spirits myself. As an islander I want to create something sustainable, including jobs, for our island family. Other potentially interesting facts about me - I am a drummer in the local band (Pete Smoke & The Roaches) and a voluntary fireman. 


I am from another beautiful island beginning with J, Jersey - but my soul has been on Jura since I was 14. I started coming to Jura when I was a teenager with my best friend, Cheryl, whose family have lived on the island for a very long time. I moved to Scotland at 18, to study and until 2018 lived there running my other business (an accounting firm - wildly different to rum). Other potentially interesting facts about me - not a huge fan of rum....except ours of course. Oh and I LOVE Christian Rock. 

Michael + Charlotte = Rum, running, cats and parties

You may have figured out from the above that we have known each other for 22 years. When we were kids we were just friends - in fact we went out with each other's pals (not awkward) but we stepped over the friendship line at the Jura Music Festival 2018. That was September and Charlotte basically moved over in October. 

With such a whirlwind start, when Michael suggested making rum in February 2019 it felt like no big deal and so Deer Island was born. We took things very slowly back then so we still had social lives and time to spare. We travelled (we think we saw the pandemic coming), we ran a lot (we run now but a lot less), we saved a feral cat and we partied hard (sometimes this still happens).

So that’s us up to date - that’s the story so far but there is certainly more to come. We have some grand plans for our future and we are excited to share our life here with you as well as all of our rum filled fun. 

Michael and Charlotte 



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