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April opening hours: 12pm-3pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Batch 1 - Corran

Our first batch of spiced rum was named after Corran Sands, one of Jura’s finest stretches of beach and home to our founders Michael and Charlotte.


Over a mile of silver sand makes for an excellent destination for our community and our visitors on every day of the year. Activities include (but are not limited to):


Dog walking, river hopping
open water swimming, toe dipping
trail run, bathe in the sun
ceilidh dancing, perhaps romancing
tapping feet to bat-phone beats
barbecue lunch with rum punch
beach clean, daydream
first steps, daily steps
coffee dates and chats with mates
collect some shells, pick bluebells
rowing boats in big warm coats
windy walks, eyes off the clock
drawing on sand with stick in hand
sandy shoes, island views
driftwood fires as the day expires
star gaze, creative play
taking moments, sharing moments
taking time and making time



Corran is a meaningful place for many of the residents of Jura and we continue to share and create fantastic memories here. A few years back, the Jura Development Trust received some funding to oversee a groundworks and improvement project for fixing up the path along the beach. The project hosted DIY days with the community, foraging events and beach cleans, as well as the community construction of a giant ‘bat-phone’ and upstanding xylophone - you need to see it to believe it.


And it goes without saying that if you visit Corran Sands, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Also, if you see us at Corran House, give us a wave!




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